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Pixel This Photography

Tamara & Greg

"I first saw Glen at work for my friend's wedding. I was helping with her wedding and as I surveyed the event checking to see how things were going, I kept noticing the photographer--not because he was in the way but because he was working SO HARD. He just didn't stop! He was completely into his work - taking advantage of every angle... getting down on the ground and doing whatever the moment was almost like he could anticipate the spontaneous moments of the bride and groom AND the guests.

He and his wife, Becky worked so well together as a team. Once I saw my friend's pictures, I was completely sold! Not only did I have the opportunity to see him in action and experience his great work ethic, I also saw that it paid off. He captured the emotions of the entire event--the sweet things, the funny things, and he managed the environment in such a way to always capture the best. Even though it was a simple wedding in a driveway and backyard, you'd never guess it was anything less than an absolute dream of a day!

All that to say, I had a lot of confidence and trust going into my own wedding with Pixel This, yet he still delivered above and beyond my expectations. When I called to see if Glen would be interested in photographing our wedding, he got so excited it made ME excited--which was a really nice boost in the middle of draining planning days.

When I saw my photos, I was overwhelmed with joy! There were so many shots and moments that I had no idea that Glen had captured. Each picture was like clicking to open a new present. I was so worried that, since I had not taken daylight savings into account, I had poorly planned the time of my outdoor wedding and had compromised the quality and quantity of my pictures. WRONG! Imagine my relief to see the professional quality of our many MANY pictures. The only problem we have is how do you choose from so many great shots!

One thing that is really great about working with Glen is that he is so genuine as he works. He is encouraging and will make you have fun...and since you are really having fun, it shows in the photos. He draws out the best from you--you are relaxed and inspired. Not only were the photo shoots something to capture the memories from the day but taking the pictures WERE some of my fondest memories of the day. When I went to have my pictures taken with my bridesmaids, we went away from all the people buzzing around...I felt like these were some of my favorite moments with my closest was very special.

If you are planning a wedding, you know that it is nerve racking as you research and interview never quite know what you are going to get. Pixel This is a solid. He will listen to the style you want and has a talented, creative eye too. He is great at communicating throughout the process: open to your ideas, calm and energetic on your day, and personal follow-up. He is reliable and goes the extra mile when needed because he takes pride in his work--and it shows in every shot. Patient--boy is he patient!

He was honest about his fees, demonstrating the value of his service as well as understanding of our financial limitations; he never pressured us to go beyond what we could afford. I would highly recommend him to anyone I knew...I can't say that about some of the other vendors I used that day."

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Jessica & Josh

"I can not brag enough about our experience working with both of you, Glen and Becky! You made Josh, myself, and our entire wedding party feel so comfortable. We really had a great time working with you. You were both so easy going,relaxed, and FUN, which helped me stay calm during such a hectic day. I loved your willingness to try anything we asked. You captured our day so beautifully and have given us wonderful memories to look back on. I can not thank you enough. You can count on me calling you for future events!!! Thank you a million times!!!!"